4th of July in Ghana

Tuesday July 4th 2017

Today was my first day working with the Ghanaian students on developing a telemedicine solution. They were so welcoming and had such great ideas. I look forward to working with them in the weeks to come.

While my friends and family back home were busy celebrating Independence Day, today was an average day in Koforidua. However, Ghana celebrated their Republic Day recently on July 1st. It was very interesting to see people walking down the streets wearing red, yellow, and green (the colors of the Ghanaian flag) in support of their country. In addition, there were many more people out at restaurants and walking around the town than usual. I did not hear any fireworks, but their celebration seemed to be pretty similar to that in America.

The Yedea team officially began the next phase of the project today: collaborating with the Ghanaian students to develop ideas for our proposed telemedicine program. Professor Cleckley ran the session and did a great job. He started by dividing us into teams. My two teammates are Joseph and Clement. They had previously spent about a week and a half learning about the Design Thinking process with Professor Cleckley before I arrived.

Together, we came up with a team name and a logo. Our name is JMC, and our logo is shown below. We spent the majority of the session coming up with a goal, thesis statement, mission, and vision for our telemedicine program.

Picture3JMC’s goal is to ease communication and treatment for all patients and doctors in Koforidua. We want to do this by developing a software application that nurses can use at local clinics to connect patients with doctors via video conferencing. The nurses will also be able to translate information from Twi to English and vice versa to ensure successful communication between the patients and the doctors. Our mission is to provide quick, affordable, and reliable treatment for all sick people in Koforidua. Lastly, our vision is to promote an innovative healthcare delivery system to transform the lives of both patients and doctors.

We are currently working to come up with a design brief that we can present to some of the staff at the nursing school and the regional hospital. This will include our plans for developing the application and what we hope it will accomplish. I can’t wait to see our idea come to life!

-Morgan Brazel


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