Yedea Team, Day 15

 Monday July 3th 2017

Today, the Yedea team traveled to Boti Falls for the Ghanaian holiday. This past weekend marked Ghana’s Republic Day. Being so close to July 4th, it allowed us to kill two birds with one stone. Boti falls is located North-east of Koforidua, and is a major tourist attraction in Ghana. Located only 45 minutes away, Boti Falls was an ideal day-trip excursion for us.

Picture1Hiking the trail to Boti Falls was a great and stimulating experience. We had a tour guide take us through the forest nice and slow. Being cautious, I took special precautions to watch my footing and take controlled steps. Ever so often, I would look over and a barefooted-Ghanaian child would dart past me, scaling the rocks fearlessly. While our team wore closed-toed shoes, a good portion of Ghanaians I saw wore flip-flops or sandals. Since I have been in Ghana, I’ve noticed that some safety precautions are simply forgotten.

The Yedea team successfully completed a week of WAGi Labs with the students at Wesley International School. In addition, we have continued to receive and analyze our data from healthcare professionals in regards to their perceptions on telemedicine. We have received very promising feedback. Everything is going as planned and we have met every goal we have had thus far.

Picture2This week, while teaching the students at Wesley International School, I noticed how passionate the students are for learning for the sake of knowledge. Each morning, the students were energized and excited for class. Most students would not leave the classroom during break (recess). Instead, they would review what they had just learned or they would ask us probing questions about our lives. We are truly fortunate to have students, who are so intelligent and hard working.


This week, we will begin the next phase of our project and meet with the Ghanaian nursing students. Our goal for the next few weeks will be to use the design-thinking method to come up with a Telemedicine application for healthcare in Koforidua. We are all very excited to be teaming up with actual Ghanaians, hoping to solve real problems in accessing healthcare.

-Ted Obi



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