Friday July 7th 2017

Today we went to school to teach the children of Wesley International School and met later during the day with our Ghanaian interns to collaborate on our Telemedicine project. Today’s lesson from the WagiLab kidpreneur book came from Mission Five, which was primarily concerned with teaching children to be empathic towards others’ needs. The first question they were required to answer was to think about the needs in their neighborhood.


Most of the top five needs brought up by the students included clean water, good roads, hospitals, community centers and garbage cans. I thought this was interesting because firstly it highlights the problems prevalent in Ghana and secondly it shows how unique needs are in most countries. I believe the needs highlighted by American children will be different. We then asked them to think about the people this problem affects and think about what those people would do if they had resources to fix these problems. They came up with brilliant solutions to many of the problems; I hope by the end of this program, by the knowledge we have equipped them with, they would be empowered to address problems in their surroundings as they encounter them.

After school, we headed home and had take-out for lunch from our favorite restaurant Linda Dor. We rested for a while and then headed out to the Nursing school to meet our Ghanaian collaborators. We have been teamed up to work on independent projects relating to telemedicine. My partner and I are working on making telemedicine accessible for everyone in Koforidua. Currently, we have come up with two ways of making telemedicine feasible in Ghana.

First, we plan on making a software that has video conferencing abilities and can seamlessly transmit information such as images, text messages and emails to help communications between local hospitals and urban hospitals. Secondly, we are thinking of making an app that gives patients and anyone who wants to visit the hospital the opportunity to schedule an appointment beforehand, to avoid wasting time at the hospitals. We are currently working on both ideas to make them a reality. After our meeting with the Ghanaian students, we had a team dinner and headed home afterwards.

Our Design Briefs are due on Monday next week at 10am. They should be self-explanatory documents that use images and text to explain our ideas for apps and related concepts to anyone who sees it. After completing those briefs, we will share them with collaborators and staff at the nursing school, and hospital for their feedback so we can better design our ideas for the local environment.

-Grace Patrice Anyetei-Anum


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