First Weekend in Morocco

July 1, 2017

We landed in Marrakech on Wednesday June 28th, we were picked up from the airport and taken to Riad Jardin del’abdous. Our directors were still on Eid break so we had to stay at a hotel in Marrakech for two days so we picked a Riad, which is common among tourists. The people in Morocco are very nice and helpful. The first night at the Riad we had Thai food for dinner because it was too late to order anything from the Riad. In Marrakech there is a new town and an old town. The old town is encompassed by a wall and has narrow roads rich with history. In contrast the new town areas are more posh, made for cars, shopping malls, and department stores. The architecture in Marrakech is beautiful, all the buildings are a salmon sandstone color. On Thursday we went shopping and had lunch in the new city, and for dinner we had tagine. Tagine is a traditional Moroccan dish slow cooked in a clay pot. With every meal we are given bread and marinated green olives as a starter. The following day we spent in the old city near the Bahia Palace, however the palace was closed for an event in the center of the market place. We had breakfast in the Riad mornings spent there (photo below). One day the birds came and started eating our bread when we ate outside. The following day (today) was check out and move-in day to our new apartment in Tahanaout called ApartHotel Nzaha. Said our director picked us up from the Riad and took us there. Tahanaout is very close by only about 30 km which is about 13/14 miles, and the drive is scenic onlooking the Atlas mountains. Said told us that people in Marrakech can be dishonest and hustle tourists, and the people in Tahanaout are honest, hardworking people eager to help. Tahanaout is very peaceful, calm, and the people here make us feel at home. We are excited to see what the internship has in store for us!



-Mavra & Syeda


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