Social Accountability 101

July 5, 2017

We have started our internship with the Near East Foundation and are working with them on their LEAD project (Linking Education and Accountability for Development in Morocco). The project is about integrating social accountability in the development of education. The major objectives of LEAD are to develop a participatory tool that can be used to improve the quality of primary education in Morocco and to strengthen collaboration between Parent’s Associations and the state education officials for better decision making processes at a local, regional, and national level so that proper steps are taken to improve education.

Global Social Accountability is the core force that drives this project and focuses on building a healthy relationship between civil society and citizens that engages policymakers and service providers to bring about greater accountability and responsiveness to citizen’s needs. (World Bank Group, 2017). This new phenomenon uses a ground up approach between several different stakeholders to address specific concerns in a solution-based, sustainable manner.

After the Arab Spring, there were many reforms instituted in a new constitution for Morocco in 2011 that opened up more opportunities for citizen-participation and transparency which makes Morocco a suitable candidate for implementing a social accountability-based development project.

We are learning a lot about the process and evaluation of development projects and intervention tactics that are challenging, but interesting.

Taken after enjoying a traditional lunch of tagine and Moroccan mint tea in Marrkech.

-Mavra & Syeda


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