Breastfeeding Practice Research in Rwanda

Charlotte and I have arrived in Kigali, Rwanda! We are a team of three (April, the medical student, will arrive in two weeks after her finals have finished) and our project is entitled, “Preparing Mothers for Breastfeeding: A Survey of the Breastfeeding Practices Recommended to Mothers”. This project was initially conducted by two UVa medical students, Cherise and Ceshae last summer. Each weekday, we will be working at CHUK, the government teaching hospital here in Kigali and walking around asking mothers and healthcare workers about the breastfeeding recommendations they were given and/or give to expecting mothers.


We landed around 10pm last night and slept in until the early morning. We wanted to have stable, comfortable housing for the first night so we stayed in the Marriott which is downtown for the first night. Once we got up, we took a taxi around town and checked off a lot of the necessary tasks for the day such as finding sim cards for our phones, housing for the next 10 days until we move into our AirBnB, and more. While trying to book a room at a guesthouse near CHUK, we met a nice, young German couple who gave us a few tips about Kigali. They were leaving that evening so we weren’t able to talk to them for too long but they were immensely helpful. We were also given a mini-tour of downtown Kigali by a local which was very useful.

Since we are still awaiting approval from UVA’s IRB committee, we will not be able to start our research just yet, but hopefully we will begin in the next few days! For the time being, Charlotte and I will continue to edit our protocol for approval (fingers crossed) and explore this awesome city. Talk soon!


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