Preparing for the “Guppie Tank” in Ghana

Today, the Yedea team continued teaching WAGiLabs to the students at Wesley International School. They worked in their assigned teams to come up with a solution to a problem that is faced at their school. For the healthcare portion of our project, we sought feedback from people at the market.

During our WAGiLabs session, it was really interesting to hear all the problems that the students said that they faced. Having gone to good schools all my life, it was eye-opening and humbling to hear of the poor facilities that the students endured. The kids brought up having to cope with leaky ceilings and pipes, a lack of library books, and uncomfortable and unstable desks. I am looking forward to seeing how they continue to develop their ideas on how to solve these issues.


For WAGiLabs, the students have been refining their ideas and working to ultimately produce a prototype for their idea that will be implemented in the school. Also, the students were able to skype Chic Thompson, the author of the WAGiLabs Playbook that the students are using in this program. The students are very excited to get started on prototyping.

For our healthcare portion, we are getting different sources of feedback and continue to refine our Business Model Canvas for our proposed telemedicine program. Today we headed to the market to gathering information from locals and ask their opinion about our design.

By Friday, the students will have a final prototype of their idea and will be ready to present their idea in the “Guppie Tank”. The “Guppie Tank” is similar to the popular show—Shark Tank. The students will be able to pitch their ideas to international judges and school administration for cold, hard cash. As far as the healthcare portion of the project goes, we are going to continue to collect feedback from different key players for the remainder of the week.




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