The Feeling of Accomplishment

This week have been very busy with Wagi labs in the morning, and telemedicine in the afternoon. We presented our project to Hannah Okyere Darko, The Vice Principal of the Nursing and Midwifery Training College (NMTC) and in-country liaison for our project. Other faculty and staff from NMTC sat in the presentation as well and offered their feedback. In WAGiLabs, today was the last day for the kids to prepare for their presentation with their prototypes because their final presentation to the headmaster and his team is this Friday.

WAGiLabs with the kids today was incredible. Today marked the last day of preparation for their presentation. Seeing all their prototypes was very fulfilling because I was proud to see how their ideas were coming to light. One team built a prototype of how their idea of redesigning their school library looked like. Another team also built a prototype of how their idea of student chair and table should be. It was incredibly rewarding to be a part of it and see how far the kids have come.

After spending the session with the kids, we went straight to the Nursing Training College to meet up with our Ghanaian team. Today, the plan was to go to the market again for our last round of feedback from people. However, when we got there, Mama Hannah wanted us to present to her and her colleagues at 2pm; since, it was the only time she had on her schedule due to nursing school interviews and exams.

With the Ghanaian team, we prepared for the presentation and presented it to them at 2pm. It was a great presentation; Morgan Brazel and Emmanuel Mensah presented on behalf of the whole team. We received really great feedback. Mama Hannah and her team were very impressed with the project and had series of questions, which we answered to their satisfaction. Overall it was a great session. Mama Hannah was very happy and amazed by our accomplishments within the course of 6 weeks. She told the Ghanaian team to present to various classes at the nursing school when school resumes next year. She was very convinced that with them presenting to other nursing students will help them to embrace the concept of Design Thinking Approach when they are given any research project.

We plan to present to Mr.Twum who is a pharmacist and the head of research and his team at the Koforidua Central hospital on Monday 24th if July. We also plan to discuss and see how we can continue with this project to ensure that it becomes a reality.

Morgan and Emmanuel practicing their presentation.

-Vida Sarpong


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