Through My American Eyes Part 6

Today was our final day at Wesley International School. We arrived at the school around approximately 8:15 am and helped the kids prep for their presentations. Early during the week, we split the students up into teams namely Wagi Stars, Avana Girls, Jahsy Brainstormers, Fantastic Four and Fabulous Four. After about an hour of preparing for their presentations, the kids were ready to present their ideas to the headmaster of the school as well as some teachers. Their ideas were mainly solutions to existing problems in the school. After the presentations, the judges decided that Fantastic Four was the winner with Jahsy Brainstormers and Avana Girls as first and second runner ups respectively. Fantastic four won because they brought up a brilliant solution to the existing problems of uncomfortable desks. The winners believed that making a chair that brought comfort to students would enable them to study better. Attached are some pictures of their model. After the presentations, we took photos of every teams and their prototype and wished them good luck on their endeavors.


And this was how our volunteer program at Wesley International School ended. It has been a great summer and I enjoyed every bit of it.

-Grace Patrice Anyetei-Anum


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