Post Observations from Afar

Now that I’m back in the United States and Rwanda feels like a world away, I have had a chance to piece together a few aspects of Rwanda, both big and small, that surprised me. 1. Rwanda really is a “land of a thousand hills”. Although I knew before arriving that Rwanda was nicknamed the... Continue Reading →


Baid wa Matisha

July 17, 2017 Last week we visited a school in rural Morocco, particularly in the area of Ourika, which is about thirty minutes out of Tahanaout. The town is beautiful and full of culture. We went to see the progress of the school in terms of the partners (director, teachers, parent teacher association, and students)... Continue Reading →

Gender Training

July 13, 2017 As we began to learn more about the details of the project, and what exactly encompasses Social Accountability- the more we realize just how holistic this approach is and why it is so vital. Community participation and mobilization is at the core of Social Accountability. Here in the rural regions of Al... Continue Reading →

Social Accountability 101

July 5, 2017 We have started our internship with the Near East Foundation and are working with them on their LEAD project (Linking Education and Accountability for Development in Morocco). The project is about integrating social accountability in the development of education. The major objectives of LEAD are to develop a participatory tool that can... Continue Reading →

Snapshots from Uganda

I arrived in Kampala, Uganda in May carrying a suitcase scattered with items to manage my own cleanliness, advice from those back home about what to eat and what not to eat, reminders of the importance of hand washing and washing in general, and questions about latrines, showering, and clothing, all surrounding themes of managing... Continue Reading →

First Weekend in Morocco

July 1, 2017 We landed in Marrakech on Wednesday June 28th, we were picked up from the airport and taken to Riad Jardin del’abdous. Our directors were still on Eid break so we had to stay at a hotel in Marrakech for two days so we picked a Riad, which is common among tourists. The... Continue Reading →

Maternal Mortality and C-section Complications

The woman lying expressionless on a cot in the dimly-lit I.C.U. was about my age. She had highlights in her braided hair and deep brown, sunburned skin. She arrived at Centre Hospitalier Universitaire de Kigali (CHUK) yesterday for management of postpartum hemorrhage. I listened to the resident anesthesiologist present her case. Her name was Clementine.... Continue Reading →

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