Final Photos from Armenia

After several weeks in Gyumri, we returned to Yerevan (the capital city) to give a presentation at the Armenian General Benevolent Union (AGBU) on our preliminary findings. We invited our community partners, AGBU interns, & the public to attend. In addition to the presentation, we organized a photo exhibition featuring images that Santiago Roca, an... Continue Reading →


Togo Togo, Ching Ching: Beyond the Data Points

M&E. Developing proper tools of evaluation. Measuring impact. Epidemiology. Stats and data collection. Using GIS to see the trends. We live in a data driven world, and in development data is the new king. I have a tendency to think of data collection, periodic project evaluation, etc as the necessary homework of development work. It’s... Continue Reading →

Adventuring in Rwanda

Our adventure started at the bus station in Kigali, which was probably the most overwhelming experience I had yet had in Rwanda, with throngs of people, constant offers to buy brochettes (goat or beef kebabs), newspapers, soft drinks, and maps. We eventually found our bus and took the most incredible ride to Musanze, about 2.5... Continue Reading →

Water Day in Hammanskraal, South Africa

We last wrote about four weeks into our project, when we finished teaching three different lessons to grade 3 – 7 at the primary school. We donated eight water filters to the primary school, one for every grade because even though we only taught five grades, we want every student to have access to clean... Continue Reading →

Lome, Togo

After a few years away, I find myself once again walking the sandy streets of Lome. There are new street lights, some newly paved roads, some of the kids I once knew are older, and Whatsapp has revolutionized communications for those with a smart phone.  Other things like how amazing fufu with sauce d’arachide tastes,... Continue Reading →

Hello from “This Side!”

Hello from “this side”! We have spent our first two weeks in Hammanskraal, South Africa. We are working hard on our project goals. Our project is education-focused. We are introducing a clean water cirriculum to the schools that consists of six lessons. Some of the lessons include proper hand washing habits, water conservancy globally, and... Continue Reading →

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