Through My American Eyes Part 6

Today was our final day at Wesley International School. We arrived at the school around approximately 8:15 am and helped the kids prep for their presentations. Early during the week, we split the students up into teams namely Wagi Stars, Avana Girls, Jahsy Brainstormers, Fantastic Four and Fabulous Four. After about an hour of preparing... Continue Reading →


Gender Training

July 13, 2017 As we began to learn more about the details of the project, and what exactly encompasses Social Accountability- the more we realize just how holistic this approach is and why it is so vital. Community participation and mobilization is at the core of Social Accountability. Here in the rural regions of Al... Continue Reading →

Social Accountability 101

July 5, 2017 We have started our internship with the Near East Foundation and are working with them on their LEAD project (Linking Education and Accountability for Development in Morocco). The project is about integrating social accountability in the development of education. The major objectives of LEAD are to develop a participatory tool that can... Continue Reading →

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