Through My American Eyes Part 6

Today was our final day at Wesley International School. We arrived at the school around approximately 8:15 am and helped the kids prep for their presentations. Early during the week, we split the students up into teams namely Wagi Stars, Avana Girls, Jahsy Brainstormers, Fantastic Four and Fabulous Four. After about an hour of preparing... Continue Reading →


Preparing for the “Guppie Tank” in Ghana

Today, the Yedea team continued teaching WAGiLabs to the students at Wesley International School. They worked in their assigned teams to come up with a solution to a problem that is faced at their school. For the healthcare portion of our project, we sought feedback from people at the market. During our WAGiLabs session, it... Continue Reading →

Togo Togo, Ching Ching: Beyond the Data Points

M&E. Developing proper tools of evaluation. Measuring impact. Epidemiology. Stats and data collection. Using GIS to see the trends. We live in a data driven world, and in development data is the new king. I have a tendency to think of data collection, periodic project evaluation, etc as the necessary homework of development work. It’s... Continue Reading →

Social Accountability 101

July 5, 2017 We have started our internship with the Near East Foundation and are working with them on their LEAD project (Linking Education and Accountability for Development in Morocco). The project is about integrating social accountability in the development of education. The major objectives of LEAD are to develop a participatory tool that can... Continue Reading →

4th of July in Ghana

Tuesday July 4th 2017 Today was my first day working with the Ghanaian students on developing a telemedicine solution. They were so welcoming and had such great ideas. I look forward to working with them in the weeks to come. While my friends and family back home were busy celebrating Independence Day, today was an... Continue Reading →

Yedea Team, Day 15

 Monday July 3th 2017 Today, the Yedea team traveled to Boti Falls for the Ghanaian holiday. This past weekend marked Ghana’s Republic Day. Being so close to July 4th, it allowed us to kill two birds with one stone. Boti falls is located North-east of Koforidua, and is a major tourist attraction in Ghana. Located... Continue Reading →

Life in Thohoyandou, South Africa

“Ndi Matsheloni!” or good morning in Tshivenda, the primary language used in Thohoyandou, is heard throughout our home, Vevisa Lodge, when one begins his or her day. As our Madi Trial team gets ready for the day, starting off with breakfast in the kitchen, we greet other UVA students as well as the Vevisa staff... Continue Reading →

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