Breastfeeding Practice Research in Rwanda

Charlotte and I have arrived in Kigali, Rwanda! We are a team of three (April, the medical student, will arrive in two weeks after her finals have finished) and our project is entitled, “Preparing Mothers for Breastfeeding: A Survey of the Breastfeeding Practices Recommended to Mothers”. This project was initially conducted by two UVa medical... Continue Reading →


Post Observations from Afar

Now that I’m back in the United States and Rwanda feels like a world away, I have had a chance to piece together a few aspects of Rwanda, both big and small, that surprised me. 1. Rwanda really is a “land of a thousand hills”. Although I knew before arriving that Rwanda was nicknamed the... Continue Reading →

Maternal Mortality and C-section Complications

The woman lying expressionless on a cot in the dimly-lit I.C.U. was about my age. She had highlights in her braided hair and deep brown, sunburned skin. She arrived at Centre Hospitalier Universitaire de Kigali (CHUK) yesterday for management of postpartum hemorrhage. I listened to the resident anesthesiologist present her case. Her name was Clementine.... Continue Reading →

Adventuring in Rwanda

Our adventure started at the bus station in Kigali, which was probably the most overwhelming experience I had yet had in Rwanda, with throngs of people, constant offers to buy brochettes (goat or beef kebabs), newspapers, soft drinks, and maps. We eventually found our bus and took the most incredible ride to Musanze, about 2.5... Continue Reading →

Kigali, Rwanda

I just finished my first week in Kigali, Rwanda, and I am constantly surprised by the nuances of the culture here. On my first day at the hospital, I walked around with my in-country mentor, Brigitte, as she introduced me to everyone. I truly mean everyone. Almost everyone I walked past poked fun at Brigitte... Continue Reading →

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