An ode to Steven Lyazi

Steven unraveled stories the way a weaver worked his cloth, etching unexpected movements into every colorful detail. We met him our first day in Uganda, a country so intense to us Americans habituated to the quiet of Rwanda. Kampala's heat, road traffic, dust, aggression and general chaos was a stark contrast to any city I’d... Continue Reading →


Last Week in Mbarara, Uganda

July 26, 2017 Hi everyone! I’m wrapping up my eighth week here in Mbarara, Uganda! The last two months have flown by. I have absolutely loved my time here, and I am sad to be leaving in just two short days. Today, Emmanuel and I gave our final presentation to the research team at Epicentre... Continue Reading →

Snapshots from Uganda

I arrived in Kampala, Uganda in May carrying a suitcase scattered with items to manage my own cleanliness, advice from those back home about what to eat and what not to eat, reminders of the importance of hand washing and washing in general, and questions about latrines, showering, and clothing, all surrounding themes of managing... Continue Reading →

Malaria Research in Uganda

Hello everyone! I am writing from Mbarara, Uganda, where I am working on a malaria research project with colleagues at the Mbarara University of Science and Technology. Our project aims to study patterns of antimalarial drug resistance through the utilization of Taqman Array Cards. In other words, we are extracting parasite DNA from infected malaria... Continue Reading →

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